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"Switch: A Community in Transition" 

Boxxo Productions in association with Film Action Oregon is pleased to present the new documentary film, "Switch: A Community in Transition. Produced by local filmmaker and longtime activist Brooks Nelson, this documentary explores the impact of a gender transition not on the individual going through transition, but on the surrounding community of family, friends, co-workers and others.

Read more about the film here.

Other films by Boxxo Productions include:
"Flush This! Butch Women and Public Restrooms." This film is now available for purchase on Film Baby!

"Party Tricks." A documentary short for the nerd in all of us.

These are a few of Boxxo's short films and documentaries. See them all on our
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Thanks to all the people who've helped support Boxxo's film projects. There are many ways that you can support Boxxo's work.

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At Boxxo Productions, we love movies.

And we have one goal:

To bring progressive, finely crafted, entertaining films to audiences everywhere. 

From the playful short "Party Tricks" to social organizing films for Act for Action/Theater for All, Boxxo Productions brings a unique perspective to screens both big and small.

Can a movie change the world?

The more you see other people's lives, the more informed you become about their experiences, the better prepared you are to think critically about the issues at hand. In our media culture, information is everywhere. But what information makes it to the main stream?

Boxxo Productions recognizes that telling stories through film is one way to present information vital to progressive change in our society.