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 A Community in Transition
A documentary film by Brooks Nelson

Switch: A Community in Transition is a documentary about a progressive, multicultural community and the response of the community to a member’s changing gender expression. The basic premise of this film is that it is not the individual that transitions, but the community.
Many transgendered and transsexual people are not making a switch from ONE to ANOTHER ONE, but rather switching their position on a continuum for a different position. The switch, culturally, is for the people around them not necessarily for themselves. Not the binary “off” and “on” of a light switch, or the dualistic nature of the concepts of male and female, but switch as in the subtle substitution of one for another … switch this for that. Exchange. 
A transgendered person could argue nothing is switching for them, only a curtain pulled back to reveal a different, more true self. They are not changing anything, but aligning for themselves what has always been true. 
Switch: A Community in Transition provides a venue for main stream audiences to experience first-hand how one particular community responds to movement on the gender line, shifting notions of male and female, trans, transsexuals, gender-queer and gender-other. With a total running time of less than one hour it is designed to be a teaching tool and has a developed curriculum and discussion questions to accompany the DVD.

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The premiere of Switch: A Community in Transition took place at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon on February 4th, 2009. The film played to a full house followed by a brief discussion with filmmaker Brooks Nelson.